Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sarah McInnis, of Peterborough, Ontario, is a storyteller, writing meaningful, personal, and relatable lyrics through which audience members can connect. Having people approach her after a live show to share a story of their grandfather they never knew, their sister who was just diagnosed with dementia, or a breakup they just went through is not an unusual experience for Sarah and she has found that her songwriting has created space for people to talk about difficult subjects. This in turn creates an immediate camaraderie, familiarity, and comfort between herself and listeners. Sarah’s songs come from having to travel to the raw, twisted centers of insecurity, vulnerability, shame, and grief, to hold them gently, illuminate, forgive, and thank them. With warm vocals and guitar in hand, Sarah transforms every stage into an intimate venue, giving listener’s honest, true, and personal stories that remind them that they are not alone in the serious, silly, and serendipitous parts of life.
          In 2016, James McKenty produced her debut EP, ‘Farmer, Coal Miner’. With its exploration of family, place, loss and what holds us together, the album illustrates Sarah’s songwriting skills as she weaves seven thought-provoking tracks. She has shared the stage with notable Canadian musicians Mathias Kom (of the Burning Hell), Craig Cardiff, and Terra Spencer, and has worked locally on independent music projects in Peterborough, Ontario and Port Williams, Nova Scotia, which she now calls home. Pairing her passion as a performing artist with music therapy, Sarah recently began working with local musician, Kim Barlow, bringing live music and music-based community workshops to rural Nova Scotia. With a special interest in death and dying, Sarah began The Legacy Song Project in 2021, writing original songs for folks at the end-of-life and for folks who have lost loved ones. Sarah McInnis's music is one of confessional candor. Her writing connects our larger stories to her own pocket-sized vignettes, allowing each of us to expand our hearts alongside; her stories are our stories too.

What draws one in immediately when Sarah McInnis is one stage is the soaring voice, clear voice and self-assured presence. What holds your attention is not only her great musicianship, but the songs that she writes, delivered with sincerity and confidence. She was a great addition at the 2017 Deep Roots Music Festival and I would highly recommend her for your festival or concert series”

Dave Carmichael | Deep Roots Music Festival



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