I think this is an incredible project. Music plays such an important role at the end of life and I feel The Legacy Song Project really highlights that.”

— Emily | Ontario

"Music has the power to uplift, to carry a memory…to transport to a place of further healing and peace in the face of loss (either upcoming or already experienced). Sarah, with her gift as a singer/songwriter combines her talent with her ability to hear your story with her heart. The result is a beautiful, all encompassing song, (and package) an everlasting gift , a beautiful Legacy. Out of curiosity , I checked out Sarah's website. Give yourself and others this same gift by checking it out too. I felt like I was in the presence of an Angel the entire process. Thank you Sarah."

Kathy | Nova Scotia

I would most definitely recommend Sarah McInnis to anyone who is wanting a keepsake like a Legacy Song. A great friend of mine gifted this to me and it was the most priceless gift I could have ever received. Singer/songwriter, Sarah, listened to our story and turned it into something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Every single word in the song were things that I remembered and loved about my loved one who passed away. My first time listening to our legacy song about us had me in tears but happy tears. This song was made for me. I can go back to our song at any time and be right back in those memories of love. Thank you so much Sarah for your dedicated time in making this so special for me. Much love and light.”

— Emily W. | British Columbia

We met virtually, and Sarah interviewed me for an hour. Only a week or so later, Sarah had written an original song, with the stories woven in, and even some clips of my speaking voice to tie it all together. Do I love the sound of my own voice? Nope, but I suddenly realized what a special gift this would be for my daughter. Years after I am no longer calling her on the phone or on FaceTime, she will have the full recording of our interview, the lyrics of her song, and the music itself. She will always be able to hear my voice if she needs to. If you would like to create a legacy song for your partner/son/daughter/best friend, I highly recommend Sarah. She is a warm and talented human being, and she enabled me to give my daughter something priceless for her special birthday. Best. Gift. Ever.”

— Julie | Ontario

I did not anticipate that the legacy song would so accurately describe my mother’s life and reveal what she found meaning in. The song itself was lyrically and musically sophisticated but simple at the same time. Most importantly the moment that it was played back to a small gathering of family and friends was poignant and unforgettable. I was so grateful to have experienced that moment to celebrate my Mom’s life while she was still alive.”

— Nadine | Nova Scotia

When I was in my early twenties I went through a phase where instead of feeling sad on the anniversary of my dad’s death I felt really, really angry. Every year that passed fewer people remembered, fewer people reached out to me, and I felt so angry that he was being forgotten. That it felt like my family and I were the only ones who felt his absence any more. Sarah writing this song just feels like the most beautiful way of making his memory unforgettable. I just love it. Participating in The Legacy Song Project was a great experience, and the song that Sarah created is such a gift. The interview process was comfortable and easy, and a beautiful opportunity to share stories and memories about my dad, who died when I was thirteen. When I heard Who We’ll Be for the first time, I couldn’t believe how beautifully she captured who my dad was and the golden childhood he created for us. I will gift Legacy Song sessions with Sarah to friends and family for the rest of my life. Everyone deserves to have their loved ones remembered like this. There aren’t really words to describe it, just do it.”

— Meg | British Columbia